Antoine Griezmann Wears Blackface For A Fancy Dress Party

By Leynna-jay Hope | 19th December 2017

French Footballer Antoine Griezmann Causes Social Media Outrage

After sharing a picture of himself in blackface dressed as a NBA All Star.

He replied to the outcry on Twitter and told everyone to calm down as he was paying homage to the team. “Calm down guys, I’m fan of the Harlem Globetrotters and the good times… It’s a tribute” he explained. Griezmann later deleted the tweet, obviously realising he wasn’t the best at giving tributes.

People Were Not Impressed

From the backlash and racial controversy he received, Antoine made a public apology to everyone who was offended by his tweet.

However, in every situation there’s always a silver lining and for some this was an opportunity to learn some French…

What made him think this was an okay thing to do?