Nokia Relaunch The 3310 AGAIN!

By TheWallofComedy | 7th August 2017

Stop what you are doing right now and read this.

Gone are the days where my phone would last 3 days straight without having to charge it. But if you’re a 90s kid and you miss the Nokia brick phone, I have good news for you!

The Cost

The Nokia 3310 is making a brilliant comeback. Once more with an indestructible body, it is being priced at a reasonable £59. Although you can still buy the 3310 on sites like Amazon, you are no longer able to buy the model from Nokia itself.

Although there is no official information on what the new phone will look like, I’m extremely hopeful that it will still have the classics on it such as Snake and Space Impact.

The one-month battery

The 3310 is perfect as a secondary phone to take camping or to festivals, or as your first handset – if you don’t have a need for the bells and whistles of modern smartphones.

 And with a standby battery life of around 25 days, you’ll never be left without a means of communication. This could be Nokia’s greatest idea bring this amazing phone back with a face lift.  

Why buy the Nokia 3310?

The revamped Nokia 3310 aims to take us back to the golden days, when we would spend a whole day without internet and a lifetime of battery life. Now we have to scroll through our newsfeeds while brushing our teeth.

It stole the show when it was announced at the MWC back in February, despite being unveiled alongside top-quality phones such as the Huawei P10 and its incredible Leica selfie camera.

The Nokia 3310 keeps its statement curved edge and silver “collar” around the screen, and is made wholly of plastic. It comes in a choice of four colours, either bright yellow or red with a glossy finish or matte blue or grey.

Great news!