GrandMother Pulls Out Knife & Gun When Playing Virtual Reality

By TheWallofComedy | 5th August 2017

I grew up playing Nintendo 64 – It was, and still is, the greatest. Though, perhaps not the most realistic.

Don’t get me wrong, the graphics for the time were incredible. But I didn’t feel so personally involved when playing Golden Eye that when Odd Job killed me with his bowler hat I would freak out.


I can imagine, however, that for someone of an even older generation – used to playing nice games like Pacman – playing a Virtual Reality game in which a Shark is trying to eat you would be pretty terrifying.

This is exactly what YouTube Pranksters, Skills in Time, capture perfectly in their staged video of their Nan’s first Virtual Reality experience. You have to see this:

As you can see, they have her losing her s**t to the extent that she pulls a knife on her grandchildren…and then shoots the tele!!



Yes, it’s staged, but I feel there are a few important questions to be asked, and lessons to be learned:

1) Why does Grandma have ready access to both a knife and a gun?
2) Kids, don’t pick on Grandma
3) I want Virtual Reality. NOW.

Maybe It’d be safer to stick to the N64…

Though, if Doctor Robotnik gets rude I’m getting my Nan.