Nandos is now doing delivery and pre-orders just in time for the World Cup

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 12th June 2018

Nandos Delivery

We love you food gods! We are blessed to have you blessing our plates and bellies!

Summer football season is arriving, the World Cup excitement levels spread, hitting the UK. Football fans will be out enjoying all the fast-food restaurants, but Nandos are here to help everyone. Football and food fanatics.


If you’re lucky enough to be blessed by the Nandos gods, Selected restaurants across the UK will be offering all chicken fans the option to, wait for it… Pre-order from the entire menu, oh and then have it delivered to your door!

Nandos delivery

All we need now is England to win their World Cup matches, the sun to be out shinning and summer 2018 will really be a great one!

So, if you want to find out if you are lucky enough live in an eligible area, you can have a look here.

But even if you don’t qualify for the delivery service don’t feel down! England will win the world cup (Lol that’s a joke). No, but really there’s good news if your local Nando’s isn’t delivering food.

From today Nando’s will allow customers to order their food from anyone of there restaurants, up to a day prior, then, of course, picking up the order themselves. That’s so awesome, right? Just don’t be forgetting that you’ve ordered food okay!

Nandos delivery

Nandos really are trying to bless us! Last week they only went and launched its new summer burger from called Sunshine In a Bite. But you can’t afford to hang around to get a taste as it’s ONLY available for the next twelve weeks.

The burger has been labelled as the perfect peri-peri compliment to the summer months.
Nando’s speaks about the new burger:

Nandos delivery

‘Tall and generous build of vibrant tasting ingredients’ made up of the ever so sexy Nando’s famous peri-peri chicken fillet sided with tangy pickled cucumber, peppery rocket, and everyone’s love crushed avocado – all sandwiched into the chain’s renowned Portuguese roll.

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