These knickers vibrate at goals to get women into World Cup

By Georgina Lees | 20th June 2018

Vibrating Knickers for World Cup

A lingerie company caught a big case of blue balls when their vibrating knickers wasn’t hitting the spot of the consumers.

What is so special about these World Cup knickers?

Vicky Form is the company behind the vibrating underwear. They are specially designed for the football world cup and are programmed to increase the intensity of the vibration, each time a goal is scored during this year’s matches.


What are the vibrating knickers called?

The Mexican company debuted the underwear called the ‘Siente el Juego’ (which translates to ‘Feel the Game’) on June 11h before the kickoffs.

Why is the advert for Vicky Form so controversial?

It begins with a couple arguing, giving the idea that men ignore women when football is one. A cheeky slogan saying ‘every year, four million couples separate because of football’ comes on the screen. This is indirectly saying that with these knickers, it brings pleasure (women orgasming) and football together.

Sensitive Twitter didn’t hesitate on brutally slamming the company.

The public called the product rightly-so, sexist. The advert suggests that women need clit stimulation, in order to enjoy the sport with our partner, like football. This ludicrous idea doesn’t include the women who genuinely enjoy watching sports and having the same ‘hobbies’ as men.

The advert also plays on the stereotype that a ‘nagging’ wife/girlfriend is incapable of keeping quiet and let her man watch the match in peace, without pleasing herself too.

According to Vicky Form, women have to be sexually stimulated to enjoy the world cup with their partner and to ‘feel the game’.

Where can I get the vibrating knickers from?

They can be found on the Vicky Form website, although the CEO Jose Zaga said that the underwear is still in the prototype phase and will only be sold if there is enough demand for them.

Will you be buying or feeling the game with your partner, this world cup?

Check out the video here:

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