Man has foot amputated then serves it to friends for a taco dinner

Foot Meal

KFC Set To Launch Meat-Free ‘Fried Chicken’

Coca-Cola releases its first ever alcohol drink!

Alcoholic Coke

Supersized fry-up for £6 launches at Morrisons

Morrisons Logo

KFC Is now selling breakfast! Mac And Cheese with fried chicken!

Woman sacked after ‘spiking brownies with laxatives’ in prank at work party

Man sentenced to 50 years for $1.2M theft of fajitas


Sex offender’s food ‘spiked with pee, poo and more’ by fellow inmates

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Tarantulas Burgers are now a Thing

Coca-Cola are Launching Worlds First Ever Coca-Cola Slushy


Vagina-made yoghurt using bacteria from a students vagina

Woman eating yogurt

Thinking of a Career Change? Get Paid £18,000 to Eat Doritos!

Paid to eat doritos

Chef Robots? The Robot Apocalypse Is Really Upon Us!

Robot Apocalypse

Nandos Release New Halloumi Chips! And Our Mouths Are Watering

Nandos Haloumi Chips

PornHub and a Kebab? The REAL Valentine’s Day Gifts

Woman Kissing Body

Top 12 Most Unusual Pancake Toppings

Yung Filly Merchandise