Having s*x on Mars could create a new human subspecies

Humans on Mars

This man opens up about life with a ‘micropenis’ & he’s proud of it

This Morning Penis

A shower head had to be removed from this mans rectum

Swingers ‘Largest orgy in human history’ will take place this summer

World Record orgy

Lady travelling for sex falls in to the hands of a ritual killer

Teacher was ‘dating student for WEEKS’ before arrest over sex with the 13-year-old boy

teacher dating student

Firefighters spend three hours removing weight from gym goer’s gentiles!

The man who shot a woman in vagina during sex game

London Courthouse

When you think you won’t get caught cheating, until you catch super gonorrhoea

man cheating gonorrhoea

Introducing the world’s first interactive virtual reality porn

Vrxcity virtual sex

Fortnite crashes and users turn to PornHub to pass time

Fornite and Pornhub

Bionic penis goes on sale and it’s the world’s first self-erecting

WWE Legend Jerry “The King” Lawler Suffers Stroke During Sex Leaving him Unable to Speak

Could YOU be ALLERGIC to SEX? Here are the SIGNS to look out for…

Couple Cuddling

Why Men Are Trash But So Are Women

men are trash, women are trash too

Sex Doll Company Looking for a Capable Tester! With 35k a Year Salary

Sex Doll

Love Porn? Pornhub Just Revealed It’s New AgeID Verification Tool

Pornhub Age Verification

I Cheat on Every Guy I Date and This is How I Do It

Couple kissing in shower

PornHub and a Kebab? The REAL Valentine’s Day Gifts

Woman Kissing Body
Yung Filly Merchandise