Flying sealife is now a thing in China and you won’t believe it

Flying Sealife

Lady is cut out of 27ft python after being eaten whole

Snake eats woman

Teenager has penis ‘bitten off’ in shark attack

Shark attack

A shower head had to be removed from this mans rectum

Endangered animals are skinned, cooked and ate by woman for YouTube

Ah Lin Tuch woman eats endangered animals

White woman gives birth to black baby and blames her white husband

white couple gives birth to a black baby boy

A crocodile biting off her arm wasn’t stopping this women from getting married

woman losing arm to crocodile before wedding

Woman a finds live scorpion in Aldi bananas

Scorpion aldi

Woman cuts off boyfriend’s penis with gardening shears

The man who shot a woman in vagina during sex game

London Courthouse

Plumber Reveals the Most Shocking Job Ever Attended… Poo Volcano

Poo Volcano

Russian airline sent American passengers to India because of their skin tone

Russian Airline Aeroflot
Yung Filly Merchandise