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A shower head had to be removed from this mans rectum

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 29th May 2018

Men can try new things as well right?

A man turned up at the hospital with a gapping situation… A shower head was deep up inside his backside after ‘suffering a fall’ in the shower.


The man who remains unnamed, probably to save him from the WhatsApp group chat banter. I know i wouldn’t want my friends to know about me and a shower head…

So, the 26-year-old man had a game of operation. Having to detach the shower head from the main pipes, which connects it to the wall. From here, he had to take himself to the hospital. I have no idea how he was even walking with his new toy wedged up his backside.

So after the man’s unfortunate fall, he finally arrived at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in New Delhi. Once he met with the doctors, he told medics that he didn’t put the shower head up there himself.

Yeah, I mean I fall over all the time and get objects stuck up my butt. So I completely understand where he’s coming from.

Fortunately, for the man’s rectum and vitals revealed that he was stable and there was no evidence of lasting damage or blood in his rectum, which was, of course, a relief for the man.

Revealed from BMJ, the scan images reveal the deepness of the situation, the shower head wasn’t just inside his rectum it was deep 6 inches deep into the man pelvis.

So the next step! The removal process, He was placed under a general anaesthetic and doctors removed it. He was allowed home 48 hours later. To get back to his late-night antics.

Dr Peeyush Kumar had this to say:

“A proper history and examination is mandatory to look for signs and symptoms of perforation and infection, such as fever, severe abdominal pain, and bleeding.”

“History is often ambiguous and incomplete due to a high level of embarrassment and social stigma attached to the condition. The same was seen in our case. Though the patient reported accidental insertion of the shower head and denied voluntary insertion, there is a high suspicion of voluntary insertion for auto-erotic purpose.”

“This chap was in safe hands, though, with Dr Kumar revealing that this wasn’t the medic’s first rodeo when it came to removing objects from anuses.”

He also added:

“A large variety of objects have been reported, including bottles, cans, glass bulbs, stones, small rods, fruits and vegetables, vibrators, dildos and toys. Insertion of objects for auto-erotic purposes is the most common cause of rectal foreign bodies.”

“Other common causes include accidents and assaults. The presentation is often delayed, and history is often improper. Two-thirds of the patients are males in their 30s or 40s, who use such objects for auto-erotic purposes.”

Let this be a lesson to you people! When having fun experimenting downstairs just know what you can handle!

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