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Armed robbers have stolen £270,000 Of Panini World Cup stickers

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 11th June 2018

Sticker heist

Armed men have stormed a Panini printing house in Argentina, stealing hundreds of thousands of FIFA World Cup stickers. 

According to authorities, the men stole packets worth up to 270,000. Which correlates to around 638 Boxes Of Panini Stickers.


The crime was committed at printing press located on the border between Carapachay and Munro, Vicente Lopez, in Argentina. Criminals broke into the printing factory in Argentina and stolen the Panini stickers.

Painin World Cup

According to the police report, the manager of the factory said that he arrived at work and then was intercepted by several armed criminals who were on the hunt for the stickers.

A police source said (translated) via La Naicon:

“The attendant and two other employees were caught and in one vehicle, the criminals loaded a pallet with 638 boxes of figurines, each box has ten packs, and the kiosks and items were stolen, too.”

After all its next to impossible to complete the book, I guess they really just wanted a quick way of getting there!  So you think they have any doubles for me?

Panini World Cup

The total number of stickers stolen stands at an incredible number of 31900. With all the stickers I bet they still don’t complete the World Cup book.

The break-in occurred last Saturday at the Editora de Figuritas SA firm, which is located in Mariano. A crazy heist mission to say the least right?

But the Panini heist just goes to show the lengths and crime people will do to secure a sticker collection and to complete that highly addictive sticker book!

Every football tournament a brand new highly addictive and costly short-term sticker-book collection releases, this time we have the World Cup.

Twitters reaction to the crime is hilarious to say the least, while also highlighting the love people still have for the sticker books, recapturing a little bit of that inner 12-year-old.




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