Twitter Celebrates The Successes of the Black Community

By Georgina Lees | 13th March 2018


From the billion-dollar success of Black Panther, there is no better time to celebrate the richness of our melanin.

In this digital generation, it becomes harder and harder to have self-love. Especially when social media is sculpting our minds with their contoured perception of beauty.


So twitter took it upon themselves to celebrate every nation. The hashtag #finepeoplefrom ranged from Somalia, South Africa to Jamaica.

Even the men decided to post their moisturized, exfoliated self too.

The #finepeoplefrom hashtag wasn’t created to compare beauty within different nations.

Take Mohamed Ali and Usain Bolt – both incredibly talented, both set world records and scripted their legacy. How can you compare players that compete in different games?

This applies to beauty. We are all alone in our own race, despite what society brainwashes us to believe, so we might as well wear our face on our t-shirts at our own events.

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