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Coca-Cola releases its first ever alcohol drink!

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 29th May 2018

Alcoholic Coke

Meal deal are about to get a whole lot more fun! Thanks to Coke! 

Coca-Cola has looked to Japan for the launch of its first alcoholic beverage, debuting on Monday is a fizzy, lemon-flavored beverage called Lemon-Do! Coke hopes to seize the hype and capitalise on the growing popularity of chūhai drinks.


Alcoholic Coke

Three new Lemon-Do drinks, containing 3, 5 and 7 percent alcohol, are now available in Kyushu. A 350-milliliter can will set you back ¥150 (£1.01). Which isn’t too expensive, for such a new product, especially considering it’s alcohol!

This is not the first time Coke has had an alcoholic drink! The company dabbled in the wine business backs in the 1970s. But this time it’s different! This experiment is “unique” in the company’s 125-year history, Coca-Cola Japan President Jorge Garduno said.

“This is a pilot project in the region, which has a sizable market,” said Masaki Iida, a spokesman for Coca-Cola Japan Co. Ltd.

You may be wondering what alcohol is being used in the beverage, well he declined to reveal the exact spirit in the drink, as the recipe is a closely guarded secret, a bigger secret than the recipe for a Krabby Patty!

Bottles of Coca Cola

But the Chūhai drinks — which contain vodka or shōchu, a distilled, grain-based spirit — come in a huge array of flavors such as strawberry, kiwi, grape and white peach!

While the range in alcoholic percent ranges from 3 to 9 percent, ‘Get a couple cans in’ these are going to be popping this summer, particularly popular with young drinkers, or anyone who likes fun!

Alcoholic Coke

Coca-Cola is treading into an already competitive vast market, where the major companies such as Suntory Holdings Limited, Kirin Holdings Co. and Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. currently dominate the shelves.

But if Coca-Cola can smash it up with this pilot-testing phase then hopefully London will be on the list of places next! until then rum and coke will suffice!

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