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Couple find gold, diamonds and cash stuffed in their backyard!

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 16th May 2018

Garden’s have multiple functions. You could have BBQ’s, entertain people, privately catch some rays and also hide incredible amount of fortune, such as gold.

A couple was left overjoyed and bank account happy after unearthing an old lost stash of buried treasure worth nearly £40,000 in their back garden. Meanwhile the rest of us, just find our pet’s poop in the garden.


Matthew and Maria Emanuel -from Staten Island, New York – found the old rusting, rotting metal box deep in the dirt. They discovered it while the couple was planting new trees in their backyard.

diamonds, gold and cash in trash picture

Screenshot from CBS News

They were stunned as they unearthed the lost treasure. t was to their surprise that a rotten box was actually an old safe  with over £38,000 worth  of valuables. This included stacks of wet and old $100 bills and bags stuffed with precious stones such as diamonds, gold and jade.

Matthew Emanuel spoke to the Staten Island Advance about the incredible finding:
“I thought, we found buried treasure! We were freaked out. It’s something you can’t make up.”

What did the couple who found gold, diamonds and money in their backyard, do with their findings?

More deatils about the saafe and it’s contents are yet to be released. Yet, so far, inside the safe, there was a Brooklyn address written on a paper note inside one of the bags. Consequently, this was how they were able to link back to one of their neighbors.

Digging garden to find diamond, gold and cash in trash

Screenshot from CBS News

Matthew Emanuel added:

“We realised it must have belonged to them. So, on Monday morning, I walked on over to their house and knocked on their door and asked if they’d ever been robbed.”

You could say that Matthew has a heart of gold. As not many people would have told anyone that they unearthed a safe, never mind how much was inside.

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The neighbours responded quickly as they revealed that they had been burgled nearly seven years ago. In a ddition, the NYPD confirmed that the safe was stolen during a burglary at the neighbors’ home in 2011, according to CBS.

Couple who found gold, diamond and cash in trash

Screenshot from CBS News

CBS News

Finally, the owners of the safe declined to comment but are said to be more than “thrilled” to have their cash finally returned to them.


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