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Having s*x on Mars could create a new human subspecies

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 5th June 2018

Humans on Mars

Every now and then Sci-Fi movies and real life cross paths and this could be one of the instances. It all depends on how jiggy people want to get on Mars.

Martian hybrids?! I think I’m ready! So, the idea of a colony of humans on Mars isn’t just science fiction anymore! NASA and many space agencies around the world, as well as independent scientists and researchers, have been working hard and long to understand just what it would take for mankind to colonize Mars, making the Red Planet home.



It’s getting there to the Red Planet, that will be a strenuous journey and challenge. Then setting up structures, sustainable sources of food, and battling the inhospitable elements, but sex might be the biggest risk of all.

Mars Sex

We all thought sex would be the easiest thing right? To join the Red Planet Club… Well In a recent research paper published in Futures. An international team of scientists examined all the challenges of reproduction on the Martian surface.

Mars sex

The conclusion, it’s a risky proposition, but if we do succeed in conceiving, and birthing offspring on another world it may actually be the start of a new human species. Marmans, Huartians. I’m just spitballing here!

In the report, researchers go on to speak about the huge number of potential problems that could affect us, when we’re finally getting ready to do the dirty and reproduce on Mars.  The first hurdle, of course, is the low gravity environment Mars posses, which can cause some serious threats to the pregnancy processes.

Mars sex

The paper also examines the numbers of a small colony of settlers on the planet. So, right now the concept of “love” might have to take a back seat so we can actually survive! Men and women being paired up by their biology rather than emotion, so like a Tinder hookup, but just on another planet!

So people if you think you can handle it and want to start a new human species on Mars this may be the expedition for you! Space Tinder!

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