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Lady is cut out of 27ft python after being eaten whole

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 19th June 2018

Snake eats woman

Snakes are known for eating all types of spices from Deer to Sheep, oh and Humans too…

Indonesia has a massive snake problem, from living in the street to them even chilling in your house on the couch making themselves at home, but it’s not all fun and games with snakes at any moment things can turn in to a horror scene.


Th horrifying footage shows the shocking final moment of a woman who was cut from a 27ft long python after she was eaten alive. It all took place in her garden over in Indonesia when she was attacked while just doing her routine gardening.

Wa Tiba’s children became overly concerned to the point of scared when she never returned back to her home in Southeast Sulawesi on Thursday 14 June. Wa Tiba, The 54-year-old was last seen by her kids when she went out to do her gardening.

But the children feared the worse when there was no sign of there mother when they woke up the next morning at their home. From then they began looking for her at 6 am. Rounding up a team in an attempt to find her.

The search party began to fear the worse when they uncovered her sandals, machete, and a torch around 30 meters from a  bunch of bushes that were shaken and bashed to bits.

The horror was then uncovered, Wa Tiba’s sons made a shocking heartbreaking discovery – a ginormous python lays full on the grass ground, barely able to move, stuck in its place due to the great human-sized bulge in its belly… The snake had swallowed Wa Tiba whole and head first.

A resident of the village Ayu Kartika said:

”Everybody was crying, everybody was shocked. The poor woman. This is like a horror movie. People are terrified. We are scared to go outside. We can only pray for safety.”

Snake eats woman

Her sons called the police and by 9 am hundreds of the villagers had gathered around the patch of grass in the next to isolated Mabolu Village. In the Footage which captures the moment the snake’s skin was cut open to reveal the now snake-slime-covered lifeless body.

Snake eats woman

Wa Tiba once taken from the snake was later ready to be laid to rest. Wa Tiba had a traditional burial ceremony later that day keeping with the traditional religious customs.

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