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Rats chew through £13,000 worth of cash from ATM

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 2nd July 2018

Rat Eats money

I don’t remember this Pinky And The Brain episode?!

So, over in India their rodent problem is much different than ours! They aren’t food-hungry! They’re money-hungry rodents chasing goldmines, more specifically straight cash. These rodents have already found their goldmine inside an ATM in Tinsukia, located in north-eastern India’s Assam state.


According to reports over in India, the cash machine just abruptly stopped working. Staff at the State Bank of India called in the professionals and technicians were on their way!

The bank must have thought that it was just a standard fuse or software problem with the ATM, right?  Well no, no it wasn’t.

Rats eat money

Once the technicians opened the ATM up they were shocked to find that mice had, started a money diet, munching on half of the cash the ATM contained – 1.2 million Indian rupees.

The bank even tried complaining to the police, but they were having none of it since the culprits were tiny rats, so there was little the police could do.

The ATM had been sitting vacant since May 20 and was only recently checked for repairs on June 11th. Global Business Solutions, the company that runs the ATM allegedly filled the ATM with £32,340 (Rs 29 Lakh) on May 19.

SBI was able to retrieve £18,958 (Rs 17 lakh) from the rat-ridden ATM. Which was revealed by a bank official who spoke to a local news channel on Monday morning.

A senior police official in Tinsukia said:

“On June 14 when the ATM was opened for repair, technicians found shreds of currency notes of different denomination, including many Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. Few mice were also found inside the ATM. A formal complaint has been lodged with the police at Sijubari outpost.”

A bank spokesperson explained the situation, saying:

“At the moment we are investigating all the details of what happened. The rodents are not in danger.”

Rats eat money

Since the incident, the bank reportedly chose to hire some new security to guard the holes which the rats were using. The new security is the best around, some may say! The new guards are, wait for it cats!

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