Sorry To Bother You! The Most Wtf Insane Film Of The Year is Coming!

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 12th March 2018

Sorry To Bother You Cover

And if you thought ‘Get Out’ was bonkers – you haven’t seen anything yet!

Being hailed as the most insane, WTF movie of the year. Sorry To Bother You premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and knocked audiences’ socks off with pure, unfiltered ambition, resulting in a film with many genuinely crazy twists and turns.


Promising us another Social commentary like ‘Get Out’ We are in for a real treat!

All I can say is from the trailer alone we are in for a crazy ride with this original story.

From this one short review ‘The most outlandishly surreal, straight-up WTF movie at this year’s [Sundance], hands down’.

Hearing this just gets my mind ready to be taking to this insane world! It doesn’t stop there either, just looking over at Twitter and the reactions to the trailer and to the full movie it’s going to be mad!

And if you’re still not sold on this bonkers movie let me just tell you some of the names of the amazing cast, Lakeith Stanfield, the Queen Tessa Thompson, Armie Hamer and Terry God Damn Crews!

Yeah, this film is going to be bones to the wall bonkers. Also, just to process this movie a little more his the synopsis –

In a dystopian not-too-distant future, black telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success and is propelled into a macabre universe.

Coming to movie theaters in July, you’ll have plenty of time to mentally prepare for Sorry To Bother You!

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