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Stag party escorted off plane after they urinated on the floor and abused staff

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 11th June 2018

Drunk Flight

Sometimes the flight’s are too long and a buzzkill, so you just have to start the stag party early.

A group of guys on their stag party was escorted off their plane after they decided to get super hammered for the flight. After the drinks took over the began to start urinating all over the floor then abusing the staff. According to a witness on the same flight.


Airplane drunk

The flight from Bristol Airport to Prague had to be canceled right at the last minute. Gosh, I’m surprised no one hit out at the stag party…

That left 140 passengers having to leave the aircraft. One of the passengers has since spoken out about the group’s alleged bad behaviour on board the plane.

Plane drinking

The witness, who did not wish to be named, said: “The way in which the staff were treated by this drink-fuelled party was nothing short of disgraceful.”

“They had managed to urinate before the flight took off, but did so over the bathroom floor at the front of the plane, causing it to come under the door near the food storage area.” This situation is just a worse kind of version of Snakes on a plane… Pee on a plane…


“When the flight attendant clarified that general manners would be required to get the flight off the ground, saying the flight would be dry, the reaction of the affected party was to verbally abuse the flight attendants.”


One of the men from the stag ensemble, Merthyr Tydfil, a 32-year-old man, was arrested on the flight before being released under investigation.

The airport’s policing team took to Twitter:

“Disappointing behaviour of a few who ruined a Friday flight from Bristol Airport, not just for their mates, but for the 140+ whose flight was cancelled as a result of their follow-up actions. It’s an aircraft – not a nightclub.”

Adding to the discussion was an EasyJet spokeswoman:

“EasyJet was required to cancel flight EZY6267 from Bristol to Prague on June 1 due to a group of passengers behaving disruptively on board which caused a delay – the flight was further delayed and then cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.”

Drunk Flight

“EasyJet’s crew did everything possible to minimise the disruption for our remaining passengers who have been given the option of transferring their flight free of charge or receiving a refund.”

If you’re wondering about the guys on their stag, it’s believed the group eventually arrived in the Czech Republic the following day. Urinating Prague with their madness.

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