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This man opens up about life with a ‘micropenis’ & he’s proud of it

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 30th May 2018

This Morning Penis

Life can get hard sometimes (pun intended). A man with a one-inch penis has spoken about what life is like having a ‘micropenis’.

Ant Smith a 50-year-old poet has endured jokes and every kind of laughter throughout his life because of his one-inch penis, and as a result, Ant has revealed that he has suffered low self-esteem for the longest time now.


But Ant has had enough! He thought it was time to speak out, Ant began speaking out about issues surrounding life with a micropenis, encouraging and motivating others to be proud and happy with their manhood and what they were born with.

Ant Goes into detail in an interview on This Morning:

Ant has been brave and bold, to say the least, after being mocked for the size of his manhood since young, Ant decided to speak out about living with a micropenis rather than shy away from it.

Ant had this to say:

“Anxiety grows in the dark really. I spent years and years thinking I was the only with this problem and by keeping quiet I wasn’t letting anyone else with the same problem realise you are never really alone.”

“Whatever your issue is, there are seven million of us, there will always be someone else out there who can understand, identify and help.”

This morning

On the word ‘micropenis’ itself, Ant believes people should not use it:

“If you say that small is less than average, that is half of all men. I think men certainly exaggerate about the size of their penises, rounding up.”

“I wouldn’t use the term ‘micropenis’ myself. It’s a very specific medical term and I don’t think its particularly helpful. It is really a means of labeling people. It is an attempt to categorise people when we are all different.”

This morning

But Ant has found love and has found many ways to please his wife:

 “I use a lot more than that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife. She has always been quite proud of the things I write and publish about the issue, as I am just trying to make the world a bit better.”

Let this be a lesson to all people, everyone’s body is different! No one is the same as you! be proud of that!

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