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Top 12 Most Unusual Pancake Toppings

By Georgina Lees | 13th February 2018


The day when it’s perfectly acceptable to stuff your face and have maple syrup drip down your mouth is finally here!

Today is Pancake Day (13th February) and it is the one day when it’s normal to have pancakes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you woke up drooling from the fresh buttermilk batch in the kitchen or treating yourself to a boujee crêpe at lunch, it is all about the toppings.


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Are you the type to drown your crêpes like a typical Briton with lemon and sugar? Maybe you’re the type to drip that thick maple syrup on those buttermilk pancakes? Why not add some finger licking Nutella on top? Or do your taste buds crave something savoury? – a classic ham and cheese maybe, one that simply melts as soon as you bite into it?

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Here are some unusual topping combos, that will keep your mouth watering during the day:


Start the day healthy with:

  • Thinly chopped bananas and cinnamon
  • Cottage cheese

Or loosen your belt with:

  • Bacon and eggs
  • Brownies with whipped cream

For something light:

  • Fried egg with spinach
  • Sweet mandarin oranges and honey

Embrace the calories:

  • Hot dogs with mac n’ cheese
  • A classic BLT on a pancake

Finishing light with:

  • Salsa and avocado
  • Jelly and ice cream

End with a food coma:   

  • Fried chicken drenched in ranch
  • Cheesy chips with bacon


Which combination are you going to try?

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