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Woman charged with drunk-riding a horse to the shops

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 5th June 2018

Horse Rider

We’ve all been there, we’re super drunk so will use any form of transport to get where we need. In this case, a horse is the best form of transport! 

The woman who was having one hell of a night has been charged after she rode a horse to a Queensland bottle shop while being all sorts of drunk. According to the police, in their statement, officers were called to a pub in Logan Central, south of Brisbane, late on Monday night.


Once the officers arrived in their cars to the scene, (this isn’t a cowboy movie!) They found the intoxicated woman, 51, who had galloped her way into the business riding through the bottle shop drive-through while still being on the horse.

Horse rider

Oh and if you want to see footage from this bizarre, next level, hard to believe event, you’re in luck there is footage! In a video published by Queensland Police, a woman can be seen handing over a backpack to a police officer before dismounting the horse.

The officer at the scene told the woman:

“It’s the same as driving a car, you can’t ride a horse over the legal limit.” Once Arrested she went through an alcohol test, allegedly revealing her to be more than four times over the legal limit.

Horse rider

The video has some great quotes like this one here “We’ll need another crew to assist with dealing with the horse,” one officer shouts in the video.

Officers after the event walked the horse back to the local police station with the still heavily drunk woman, the council workers then walked the horse it to an address in nearby Marsden.

Queensland Police wanted to reiterated that riding a horse while drunk is an offense. If anyone else has plans for a night that includes drunk horse riding!

Horse rider

“Police want to remind the public that drink driving does not just mean a vehicle, it can include a horse,” 

The woman will appear in Court on June 26. With the offenses, she is being charged with the maximum penalty she could receive is a $5,046 fine or nine months in prison.

Let that be a lesson for you people, if you’re drunk horse riding, don’t go to the drive-through!

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