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Woman sacked after ‘spiking brownies with laxatives’ in prank at work party

By Charlie-Michael Pope | 16th May 2018

Everyone has someone they despise at work… So what do you do plant Laxatives at a work party right?!

A woman who is seeking revenge has been sacked from her job, after spiking all the chocolate brownies with strong laxatives at a colleague’s leaving party.


The lady who has been unnamed, whose aged 47, had baked the toxic treats, after an ongoing work feud with a fellow female staff member, who was leaving the company.

Michigan police were even involved in the incident. digging and investigating the soon to be poop case. You could even say it was a sh*t show (Pun Intended).

The incredible revenge plot which you would usually find on an episode of south park was uncovered by management at engineering firm MMI Engineered Solutions, who were tipped off about the brownies with the extra surprise by an informant (Bore let the fun happen).

As a result of the tip-off, the bosses of the company were able to confiscate the laxative-laced brownies and prevent anyone from consuming them. They really saved the cleaners a big clean up on that one, because it would have been a messy outcome, to say the least.

The woman has not been charged by the police, why? Well, because her plan did not pan out how it should have and her intended target did not eat the drug-filled deserts.

So, when she was first confronted by the police, she of course done whatever criminal mastermind would do and deny any and everything only admitted to “adding in a cube of laxatives” when police said they would bring the science team on this one and forensically test the cakes for tampering.

The result of the ladies wrongdoing was her sacking from her job, now she is jobless. It’s a shame laxative brownies don’t have a marketplace…

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